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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  July 9, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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two suspects in west baltimore. we're live in west baltimore, christian schaffer, abc2 news. more gunshots to tell you about. one man is dead and another in the hospital on east landville street. police don't know much about the suspect and haven't released much information. property crimes, a rash of burglaries raising alarms for people in canton. someone has broken into homes almost on a daley -- daily basis. one man said he interrupted the criminal as he tried to enter his home sunday afternoon. >> we had window air conditioners. he tried to break through the window unit. certainly felt violated, uncomfortable. we have gotten rid of those and did then alarms. >> we're always out walking,
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doing things with our kids. i feel safe and will continue to feel safe. >> in another case a burglar confront lad woman asleep on the couch, robbed her of her cell phone and later appeared in a picture holding a gun on her facebook page. >> some businesses are getting socked with a big jump in their property taxes. some call it the rain tax. it's hitting businesses hard and some folks want it repeopled. roosevelt leftwich joins us with more. >> reporter: storm water runoff accounts for most of the pow loutants in the bay. right on the water a marine that is a nice place on a hot day. a few years ago, they said they were told by the county to put
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in little stones it. was impervious and helped kept pollution out of the bay. >> they're taxing our four acres for impervious. they said put this stone down and it's per vious. all of a sudden it's not. >> that's on top of the $16,000 they already pay in property taxes. the tax bills went out late last week. row homes pay about $21700. single family homes, $39 bucks. ryan is paying $30,000 for 31 commercial properties. >> i can't do it to my people but out there in the real world, it will filter through the businesses so the products and services that those businesses are providing and the consumer will pay more. >> reporter: state is mandated to do this by the feds.
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baltimore county said the assessments were based on aerial photographer. they say there is always sticker shock of sorts when something changes, but they say there are options. >> the way it works in pawk buccaneer, if you have an actual question about how it's calculated, whether they got appropriate credits, whatever the issue is, they who actually have to pay the property tax, the other fees that are associated with this, including the storm water remediation fee. once that paid and they file the appeal, if the appeal is upheld, then this would be refunded accordingly. >> reporter: businesses can reduce or even get rid of their fees by installing reimmediatation devices such has get being rid of some of the as fault in their parking lot. baltimore county has set up a web site and hotline for people who have questions. we will have a link for that on
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our website. meantime, an effort led by pat mcdonough is gaining steam. it will begin active campaigning to get lawmakers to repeal the tax. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> all right. thanks. now we have researched how people in each county are being affected by the rain tax. log on to and look for the breakdown. if we had a cloud tax we would be rich today. clouds have been hanging around all day. let's bring in cleave meteorologist wyatt everhart tracking some summer storms. >> the clouds paying dividends to us. wouldn't that be nice. we see clearing to the west in you look out toward basically allegany county and frederick county. things are dry, so a stray
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shower. this quarterback -- it could be a good start followed by this. as we look at the hour by hour forecast, fire up the gri. sunshine back in the morning may not hold for long. >> we want to prepare you for rain. download the app that could save your family's life. text wmar to 46988. >> this video has gone viral. we're looking at stacks of meat covered in flies, parked next to a dumpster at a goanld corral -- golden corral. >> all this food, all these baby back ribs -- to me it's disgusting. this is what my company likes to do to get ready for inspection. they like this put their food by
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the dumpster. >> the own are of that franchise said the food was not served to customers. >> investigators wanted to know about the four golden corral restaurants in our area. there are two in anne arundel county including one in -- glen burnie in may. the food was not held at the proper temperature. in the last six months no critical violations were found at the other golden corral near rum prom -- arundel mills mall. in baltimore county there's a golden corral. no critical violations were found at its recent inspection in february. we reached out to golden corral corporate headquarters and they
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have not returned a comment. we are getting our first look at the husband and wife pair accused of a deadly stabbing. she is stargd with the killing of john bowman. investigators said mech stabbed bowman while hoe was being restrained by a security guard. her husband held back the secured secured -- security guard. >> she walked up and stabbed him several times. a rare disorder send as young dancer to the hospital. it started as a simple stomach ache. now she doesn't know when she will dance again. >> the three women held captive in a home in ohio are speaking out. hear how they're trying to move
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forward. 83 at bwi, cooler than expected, so no two-degree winner this time. the big clur shows more -- picture shows more cloud cover.
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stef nan betterson at closed her eyes for months. she has this stay strong for the daughter she loves. madisyn is a dancer on stage. one meant she's smelling and laughing -- smiling and laughing and then the music just stooped
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it came out of the blu. blue. she was per for examplely fine one -- perfectly fine. >> it started off with a tummy ache, confusion and heart that missed the beat. the mother kept fighting to find out what was wrong. >> she's my daughter. i love her. i will not let her go. >> madisyn was diagnosed with a rare auto many union disease of encephalitis. >> 11 years old, precious, beautiful girl who is spunky, energetic. it's hard to see her in a predictment where she's not able to care for herself. >> it was so bad at first that they thought madisyn was losing
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her mind. >> confusion and really bizarre abnormal movements. that's when it became evident that she had this condition. >> that's my daughter and i love her. i will not let her go. she's the most important thing in my life. i have to make sure she's being taken care of. >> stephanie continues to work for madisyn's hospital room. she continues to be strong because that his her only option. >> i have to. she is relying on me. i am who she has to rely on to make sure she gets out of here. i will do everything in my power as a parent. i have got to continue that even in her sickness. >> madisyn betterson. have you noticed what's in her last name? the word better.
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madisyn betterson, get better soon. her medical bills will make it into the millions. her mom said she mr. find a way. she's working on a website now. we'll tell you when that's up and running. for two months we knew them as the kidnapped women, the women held captive in an ohio home have startedder that lives over but today they released a video to say thank you. >> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. >> women did not give any details of their ordeal or mention their accused captor by name. the video was shot last week at a law firm in cleveland. more than a million dollars have been donated to help these
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women. >> now to canada where a criminal investigation has been done on the train derailment. the flames are out now. some of the 2,000 people who evacuated are back in their homes tonight. now 13 people are confirmed dead but forly 40 people are still missing. >> tonight a dangerous storm is bearing down on the eastern caribbean, bringing it with an intense storm surge. mike masco is tracking tropical storm chantal. mike, she's a unique storm. >> she's blowing through the western antilles this evening. what's so rare about her? take a look. typically this time of the year we see storms develop close to our coastline. however, chantal has been that
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rare exception. the journey is an odd track. due to wind sharp and dry air, it occurs typically after august 1st. not only has chantal taking a rather track but has arrived earlier. there have only been 13 tropical storms. on average one storm has passed through the windward island every 13 years. chantal is a month early. the third named storm is typically named around august 13th. as of this evening chantal continues to brung heavy rains to the caribbean islands as she moves rapidly to the west. impacts across the united states will range between high seas and
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strong rift currents. >> there are many questions to answer on the exact track. for more on clan tal -- chantal, here's meteorologist wyatt everhart. all right. let's get the latest on chantal, wednesday it gets into the mid-70s, we're talking a hurricane, but the winds at 645-6789 she's 1300 miles from -- 65. she's 1300 miles from miami. most of the track is sweeping her offshore of florida, bringing her into perhaps the carolinas, perhaps northern georgia. it's too early so say, but this is what we're talking about come
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sunday into the second half of the weekend. yes, maryland could and up getting rain out of this system. we'll see how she develops. baltimore all included cover, couldn't buy sunshine. tough day weather wise. if you're a sun lover in the summertime, you couldn't find it. looks like the weather will romaine dry. take the dog for a long walk. 82 degrees at the airport. humid conditions for sure. those will continue through the rest of the evening, mid-70s overnight into the morning. we're talking partly sunny and 72. a little bit of sunshine could help heat us up. by tomorrow the mid to upper 80s. dew point numbers very high, very humid air and we don't see much of a change. we'll take you into wednesday afternoon and it does look like we're going to stay as if not more humid.
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that h could help fuel some pop-up showers. once we go past midday, this is 6:00. you see that line of scattered showers and storms being indicated by our computer mod kel-- model. we think becoming the most active as the frontal boundary moves in. flareup showers ahead of. that as we go into the delay on thursday, the main front arriving. 717 tonight. tomorrow maybe some afternoon activity or two-degree guarantee. it will trigger storms both wednesday and thursday. the weekend coming in with lower humidity and into early next week of course this will come back even though the humidity won't be gone for long. we're back with more news in just a minute.
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coming up, does your cell phone bill make you nervous? >> tonight we have a warning about new hidden fees popping up on your bill so you don't waste your money. >> the thought of hearing the forecast makes me nervous. >> rain free. tomorrow we'll probably go back
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>> this is "world news." tonight breaking their silence, three women emerge from the shadows to tell how they found strength after the horrors in that cleveland home. >> i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. george zimmerman, the defense argues trayvon martin beat him, the case almost over. which side is ahead. price spike, buckle up, how high will gasoline prices go this summer and when will they come down?
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good evening. it was a stunning sight this morning, the amazing strength of women taken captive a decade ago now free and grown up. here's how we remember them, young amanda berry, gina dejesus, michelle knight. their smiles frozen in time. now tonight two months after their escape we are setting every word, every smile, every clue about how they survived and alex perez takes us through that tape right now. >> reporter: ever since the day police stormed that house of horrors, the three women imprisoned inside have kept silent. michelle knight, 20-years-old when she disappeared -- 32 today -- was held captive the longest. gina dejesus, just 14 when she was kidnapped, now 23-years-old. and amanda berry, vanished at 16 -- today she is 27. >> i want everyone to know how
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happy i am to be with my family and my friends. it has been unbelievable. >> reporter: berry was the one who squeezed through the front door, screamed for help and frantically called 911. >> i have been kidnapped and missing for ten years and i'm here, i'm free now. >> reporter: she had been raped repeatedly allegedly by this man, ariel castro, her 6-year-old daughter jocelyn born in that house. >> 0 i'm stronger today and my privacy has helped. >> reporter: we saw her thumb's up the day of her release. in the video she appeared with her parents, her lawyer prompting her to speak. >> if you could say something to each and every person out there who contributed money to help you, what would you say to them? >> i would say thank you for support. >> reporter: since her release she's making one dream come true, learning how to drive. >> i may have been through hell


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